Christian Education

Everything we do is both shaped by and helps to shape, what we value. So as we worship, live, learn, and grow as disciples, we are engaged in Education.  As a community of faith, we believe that every moment of our time together, as well as how we live when we are apart, makes us who we are and conveys a message to the people around us--especially our children.  At the heart of it, this is how we live our mission statement.

Education begins with the teachers!

Our ruling elders and deacons make promises that include a commitment to grow in leadership:

(For ruling elder) Will you be a faithful ruling elder, watching over the people, providing for their worship, nurture, and service? Will you share in government and discipline, serving in councils of the church, and in your ministry will you try to show the love and justice of Jesus Christ?

(For deacon) Will you be a faithful deacon, teaching charity, urging concern, and directing the people's help to the friendless and those in need? In your ministry will you try to show the love and justice of Jesus Christ?

We provide many occasions for growth in knowledge, wisdom, and spirit for all adults, including Sunday morning Bible study, Advent and Lenten supper & study. Perhaps the most profound growth is to be found in the silence of our weekly meditation gathering which supports individual daily practice.


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