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2015 Mission Visits

January 25

The Rev. John Russell Stanger, Director of Parity (formerly know as Presbyterian Welcome) located in NYC, was our preacher.  He spoke about Parity’s new direction, an organization seeking to reconcile sexuality, gender identity, and spirituality in diverse communities.

November 8

We welcomed Elizabeth Turk, who with her husband, Dan, has served as PC(USA) mission co-worker in Madagascar since 1997 with the FJKM church, PC(USA)'s partner church in Madagascar.  Dan has a PhD in forestry and serves the FJKM in the fields of agriculture and forestry.  Elizabeth is a nurse with a Master's in Public Health. She works with the FJKM in community health helping in the areas of safe drinking water and maternal and child health.  She also serves as a member of the FJKM National AIDS Committee.  They have 2 children:  Robert is a sophomore in college, and Frances is a junior in high school.  Elizabeth grew up a missionary child in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

2015 Mission Disbursements

Presbyterian Disaster Relief Fund – $4,000.00

World Mission Personnel - $7,000.00

E200385, D506718 - James McGill and Jodi McGill – Africa - $1000.00.   

Jim coordinates the clean water 6082-00 Church Administrators and sanitation work of the synod’s three hospitals. He also assists PC (USA) church partners with water and Salary
sanitation development in southern Sudan and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Jodi is a clinical
instructor at Ekwendeni Hospital’s nursing school. See: www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/missionconnections/mcgill-james-and-jodi/

E200310, D500260 – Rev. Doug Baker and Elaine Baker – Europe - $1,500.00. 

For the last 15 years, the Bakers have been site coordinators for the Young Adult Volunteer program in Belfast. In addition, Doug is a regional liaison for Ireland and the United Kingdom. (Pen pal: ‘Cil Brewer) See: http://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/missionconnections/baker-doug-and-elaine/

E200496 $1,000  Kurt Esslinger and Hyeyoung Lee Korea- South Korea. 

This young couple serves as Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) site coordinators in South Korea.  The Young Adult Volunteer program is for people between the ages of 19 and 30 who serve in communities of need for one year.  Kurt and Hyeyoung see their mission service as a way to empower marginalized people in South Korea, nurture young people toward a more profound faith experience, and contribute to the future of the PC(USA). See: https://hyeyoungkurtkorea.wordpress.com/

E200356, D506419 – Mark Hare – Haiti – $1,000.00

Mark Hare is an agronomist working with the Mou- vman Peyizan Papay or Farmer Movement of Papaye. Mark and the 14 young people who work with him on “the Road to Life Yard” project use innovative methods to develop a small area of land on which to raise livestock and crops. They use this model to teach sustainable agricultural techniques to small farmers. (Pen Pal: Martha Knight) See: http://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/missionconnections/hare-mark/

E210352 $1,000 YAV Kara Watkins, Colombia

Kara is a Young Adult Volunteer (YAV); she stated in her bio that “I wanted my life to serve a purpose bigger than myself, and I distinctly remember being fascinated by the missionary stories in Sunday School.” Kara has many pictures of Colombia via her blog, follow this link: See: http://karawatkins2014.tumblr.com/

E200418, D507218 - Dr. Daniel Turk and Elizabeth Turk – Madagascar - $1,500.00

Serving in partnership with the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FJKM), Dan and Elizabeth work to improve the lives of $(6,000.00) Malagasy people. Elizabeth trains village health workers, helps communities develop safe drinking water resources, and educates church leaders and youth about AIDS prevention. Dan has helped the FJKM develop an extensive fruit tree program. He also does environmental education, helping people live in harmony with God’s creation. (Pen Pals: Bruno and Mia) See: http://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/missionconnections/turk-daniel-and-elizabeth/

In addition to our world mission support, below are listed our local community mission partners.

Local Community Needs - $9,000.00

Forestdale (www.forestdaleinc.org)- $1562.50

Forestdale is a family services organization committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and trauma that afflicts generations of families in Queens. Our mission is to ensure that children have the fundamental assets they need to thrive: a safe and loving home, health literacy, and education and career opportunity. With a history of service dating to 1854, they serve as a resource for over 1,000 families in crisis from Astoria to Far Rockaway.


www.presbyterianwelcome.org - $1,562.50

PARITY is an innovative organization enacting the holy spirit by (1) supporting forerunners of the historic policy change—LGBTQ future pastors—as they live into their callings; (2) empowering LGBTQ and allied youth to explore and integrate their spiritual, gender, and sexual identities; (3) being a new model of the church through the creation and nurture of a growing worshiping community of those seeking refuge; (4) working with local congregations to minister to LGBTQ persons seeking a faith community. A workshop series regarding Homosexuality and the Bible will be announced in the near future, to be held at FPCFH.

Hour Children Mentoring Program www.hourchildren.org


Hour Mentoring Program provides men- 2013 tors with children who have a parent in prison. Mentors become much needed friends and positive role Annual models when children (ages 4–18) need it most. Mentors help establish valuable goals through learning Budget and sharing and inspire children to develop strong social skills. The relationship is key to a child’s development. Hour Children is interested to explore ways our church can be involved hands-on in their mission,
including through service as mentors.

Women of Color Health Advocacy Coalition



YWCHAC is a coalition of organizations concerned about HIV and other health issues facing young women of color. The coalition is driven by and for young women of color (with only two part-time staff), fostering their development of the organizing and advocacy skills necessary to help change the climate in which decisions about them are being made. They are highly sought after by more than 100 other organizations, for assistance in developing youth leadership.  

SharetheCareGiving, Inc. www.sharethecaregiving.org


ShareTheCare™ (STC) is a grassroots, 4240-00 Investment Income step-by-step model that relieves caregiver burn-out by showing you how to create and maintain a unique caregiver "family" among friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances who share the care. An estimated 7,500 groups have used the model that has been documented in 40 states, Canada, Israel, Iceland, Australia, Malaysia, Spain, and Brazil. Our church is actively using the model and taking steps to begin spreading it to other congregations. See: http://sharethecare.org/pages/yourstories/stories/

Women for Afghan Women www.womenforafghanwomen.org


Located right in our "back yard," in Flushing, Queens, Women for Afghan Women empowers Afghan women, including new immigrants and
women the organization literally rescues from abusive and life-threatening situations in Afghanistan. 

The Mission Ministry team welcomes all who are interested in mission giving and our mission partners. We would like to hear from you.


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