Things I Like About the Church (Non-Exhaustive)

  • Family is integrated and not separated. I would not be happy being separate from them because we have so little free time together because of work and school. Church time needs (for me) to also be a time to spend with them.

  • No dogma but rather lessons.

  • Architecture. Simple and it reminds me of my grandmother's church, probably the same era.

  • Mainstream church willing to reinvent itself.

  • Plain language but still educational, not dumbed down, and intellectual.

  • Meaningful gestures. Peace and handholding.

  • The music is great.

  • The songs are great. I really like “Praise God All you Nations” and “Glory To God.”

  • Simplicity of ritual but still meaningful.

  • Warmth.

  • Openness.

  • Emphasis on goodness.

  • Keith Haring art on the bulletin of the first time I came to this church. That really blew me away


Thing I Would Like To See

  • Showing more overtly our recognition and full acceptance of the LGBQT community with a phrase or symbol.

--Tanessa Cabe

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