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Missions we support

Jan 2015

The Rev. John Russell Stanger, Director of Parity (formerly know as Presbyterian Welcome) located in NYC, was our preacher.  He spoke about Parity’s new direction, an organization seeking to reconcile sexuality, gender identity, and spirituality in diverse communities.​

November 2015

We welcomed Elizabeth Turk, who with her husband, Dan, has served as PC(USA) mission co-worker in Madagascar since 1997 with the FJKM church, PC(USA)'s partner church in Madagascar.  Dan has a PhD in forestry and serves the FJKM in the fields of agriculture and forestry.  Elizabeth is a nurse with a Master's in Public Health. She works with the FJKM in community health helping in the areas of safe drinking water and maternal and child health.  She also serves as a member of the FJKM National AIDS Committee.  They have 2 children:  Robert is a sophomore in college, and Frances is a junior in high school.  Elizabeth grew up a missionary child in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

2020 Disbursements

Each of the local groups/individuals listed below received a donation from the church of $1,280. With one exception, we will continue to financially support most of the names on this list, and to promote their work and opportunities for volunteer participation in 2021. For 2021, we also plan to formalize our mission partnerships with Queens Community House, and More Light Presbyterians. 


  • Hour Children: based in Long Island City, this group ministers to the children and families of incarcerated women, helping the women with job and life skills, housing, and counseling, and the children with daycare, after school programs, and recreational activities. The recidivism rate, or percent of participants that end up back in jail, for women in this program is 3.5%, compared to an average rate for New York state of 39.9%.  

  • Not So Churchy: a worshipping community that welcomes those for whom church is often not so welcoming, particularly, but not exclusively, the LGBTQIA community. One of PCUSA’s 1001 New Worshipping Communities, it is part of a movement within the denomination to re-think what worship can be. Not So Churchy, according to its website is about forming community that is “intimate, portable, and spiritually curious and committed.” They have been worshipping online since the pandemic started and several church members have been nourished and enriched by their services.

  • ShareTheCaregiving, Inc: The parent organization of the successful shared service group that assists individuals within and outside our church. The Manhattan-based group cites as its mission “To improve the “quality of life” of anyone who needs support–and to reduce the stress, depression, isolation and economic hardship of their caregivers.”

  • Forestdale: Helping families in Forest Hills and the borough of Queens since 1941, this foster care/adoption agency attempts to address “the underlying causes of the underlying causes of families in crisis. Forestdale offers a wide range of services, including parenting classes and youth activities.

  • International Rescue Committee: ( ) Our support actually goes to the local branch of this acclaimed organization, helping them to aid immigrants and refugees who settle in the greater New York City area. During these COVID times, they have reached out to the church offices several times for assistance with food and other issues.

  • Supporting a Guatemalan immigrant family: For the past two years, we have worked in partnership with the Reform Temple of Forest Hills to provide funds to an immigrant family from Guatemala. This support has helped by covering important costs that might otherwise go unaddressed, such as purchasing Metrocards for the two teens in the family over the summer months, and for tutoring to help them with their school work.

International Mission Partners

Our international partners received stipends of $1,200.


For the second year in a row, we also provided a $500.00 stipend each to Juliette Razafiarisoa and Mamisoa Rakotomalala, two seminary students in Madagascar.


We plan to continue providing some funds to these till they are able to complete their studies.

The Mission Ministry team welcomes all who are interested in mission giving and our mission partners. We would like to hear from you. Contact us.

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