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Advocating for Racial Justice

Forest Hills Presbyterian Church deplores the death of those unjustly killed by police officers, particularly Black citizens such as George Floyd.  For far too long, Black people, along with other people of color, have been subjected to a racist and systemic brutality by law enforcement.  We have seen with our own eyes how police in several instances have used excessive force against people of color, even to the point of death.  This cannot continue. As believers in the God who loves us all, and has made us all in God's divine image, of every race and creed, we call for justice, and an end to this brutality.  We call for a reform of a judicial system which allows such brutality to exist, and is slanted against the rights of those who are not white.  We stand in solidarity with those standing against this oppression, and call on our elected officials and police leadership to end it. We affirm that God's peace is for all humanity, and that all are called to be tolerant and respectful, especially those who serve.  Violent actions are the result of seeing others as somehow being less than ourselves.  We remember the words of Jesus: "Do unto others that which you would have them do unto you."  This is the basis for justice and peace. We pray for an end to violence, and we work for a world where all are treated with respect, care and concern.  We join our voices with all those who are united in this quest, and welcome all people of peace to this great work.

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